Student Life

What an active social life looks like at Brewster

It all begins in your dorm, where you’ll make friends faster than you imagine as you live, study, and hang out together. Student Life also means having meals together. Brewster doesn’t use an outside catering service. Everything in our dining hall is made in-house with lots of farm-to-table ingredients by people who love creating delicious options for you. In this section, you’ll also get a taste of the community service opportunities Brewster students enjoy, the jam-packed slate of weekend activities, clubs, and the fun campus events everyone looks forward to all year, like Quad Cup and Winter Carnival.


Student Life Presentation

Dorm Chat

Listen in as a few “lifers” talk about their early days as freshmen living in Toad Hall. Community Living Parent Lynne Palmer asks these boarding students to share their favorite parts of dormitory life, a few secrets, and some honest advice to help you transition into your dorm next year.

Take a Tour of Toad Hall!



Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Meet Gender Sexuality Alliance (GSA) President Mary as she describes her role and how Brewster builds awareness around acceptance and inclusion for all students. Then meet Sidhira, who describes her experience as a student of color at Brewster and her involvement in One Nationality Ethnicity (O.N.E).


Lives of Purpose

Community service is a core belief in the Brewster culture. A significant part of the student experience, there are myriad opportunities to step up and find an organization or an activity that provides you with the satisfaction of helping others. Faculty member Maria Found leads the on– and off-campus community service efforts. Below, she  shares her reflections on how Bobcats are making a difference. Then click on more video messages from Brewster students and graduates about their experiences.

International Students

Hear from our international students as they describe how Brewster welcomes and supports students from abroad, the campus activities that integrate and celebrate our different cultures, and how Brewster helps international students during breaks and holidays.

Weekend Activities

Wonder what students do during the weekends and how kids spend their time when they are not in class, rehearsals or practice? Join current students and faculty as they discuss traditions around campus and what student life is like at Brewster.

Lifers Chat

What’s a lifer at Brewster? That’s a student who has spent all four years at Brewster. Hear what it means to be a lifer at Brewster from some recent graduates who came together to reflect on how they connected as freshmen—and how that friendship has become a life-long connection.

Message from Brewster’s Top Chef

Director of Dining Services, Chef Chris Dill, has a video message for you about the food you’ll be enjoying at Brewster. He thrives on creating dishes you’ll love, and getting feedback directly from students. He’ll also give you cooking lessons!

p.s. We also have an authentic Top Chef All Star – alumna Stephanie Cmar ’03 is participating in the Bravo TV series as a return player. Good luck Steph! Read More

Why Brewster?



Asst. Head of School, Campus Affairs, Bret Barnett

Director of Community Service, Maria Found

Director of Equity & Inclusion Programs, Melissa Lawlor

Director of International Student Programs, Jason Wang

Institutional Leadership Director, Dolph Clinton

Director of Residential Life, Maureen Edmonds

Director of Student Development, Allie Cooper

Director of Dining Services, Chris Dill

Director of Student Health Services, Carrie MacDonald


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